Abbysinian Blue

Another New Fur!


Blue Tabby New Fur



A List of All Current New Starter Traits Including New Furs

Starter Pack Traits:

Fur: Genesis – Coco
Fur: Genesis – Diamond
Fur: Genesis – Domino
Fur: Genesis – Flame
Fur: Genesis – Smokey

Eyes: Genesis Earth
Eyes: Genesis Meadow
Eyes: Genesis Odessey
Eyes: Genesis Sunshine
Eyes: Genesis Water

Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)

Size: Normal

Eye Shape: Curious

Pupil: Big

Shade: Natural

Tail: Genesis

Ears: Genesis

New Traits only can get from Breeding KittyCatS:

Fur: Abyssinian – Cinnamon
Fur: Abyssinian – Ruddy

Fur: Ocicat – Cinnamon Silver
Fur: Ocicat – Lavender
Fur: Ocicat – Tawny

Fur: American Shorthair – Blue Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Blue & White Tabby

Fur: American Shorthair – Cream & White Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Cream Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Red & White Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Red Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Silver & White Tabby
Fur: American Shorthair – Silver Tabby

Fur: Bengal – Charcoal
Fur: Bengal – Silver
Fur: Bengal – Snow
Fur: Bengal – Sorell

Fur: Burmese – Blue
Fur: Burmese – Champagne
Fur: Burmese – Platinum
Fur: Burmese – Sable

Fur: Chateau Cat – 3 Spot No. 1
Fur: Chateau Cat – 3 Spot No. 2
Fur: Chateau Cat – Black & White No. 1
Fur: Chateau Cat – Black & White No. 2
Fur: Chateau Cat – Cocoa & White No. 1
Fur: Chateau Cat – Grey & White No. 1

Fur: Chateau Cat – Black & White No. 3
Fur: Chateau Cat – Pink & White No. 1
Fur: Chateau Cat – Silver & White No. 1

Fur: Russian – Black
Fur: Russian – Blue
Fur: Russian – White

Fur: Siamese – Blue
Fur: Siamese – Chocolate
Fur: Siamese – Lilac
Fur: Siamese – Seal

Fur: Snowshoe – Bluepoint
Fur: Snowshoe – Chocolate
Fur: Snowshoe – Lilac

Eyes: Beach Blue
Eyes: Ice Crystal
Eyes: Changing Leaf

Eyes: 18-carat Gold
Eyes: Azure
Eyes: Blacklight
Eyes: Blue Ice
Eyes: Canary
Eyes: Caramel
Eyes: Forest
Eyes: Fire
Eyes: Grape Ice
Eyes: Grass
Eyes: Key Lime
Eyes: Mercury
Eyes: Midnight Sky
Eyes: Mocha
Eyes: Oceania
Eyes: Passion
Eyes: Platinum
Eyes: Pink Ice
Eyes: Purple Rain
Eyes: Rainbow Prism
Eyes: Shamrock

Eyes: Gerbera Blue
Eyes: Gerbera Orange
Eyes: Gerbera Pink
Eyes: Gerbera Purple

Eyes: Odyssey Carnival
Eyes: Odyssey Dream
Eyes: Odyssey Fire/Rain
Eyes: Odyssey Rainbow
Eyes: Odyssey Sorbet

Eyes: Odyssey Terra

Eye Shape: Mysterious

Pupil: Small

Tail: Boo Boo
Tail: Curious
Tail: Frisky
Tail: Mysterious
Tail: Plush

Ears: Curious
Ears: Mysterious
Ears: Rounded
Ears: Soft Fold

Ears: Odyssey No. 2

Shade: Flair
Shade: Glitter
Shade: Illume
Shade: Porcelain

Whiskers: White
Whiskers: 2 Tone Black & White
Whiskers:   (Shape: Mysterious)
Whiskers:   (Shape: Plush)


New Breed Birthed!


Abyssinian Cinnamon GrapeIce Plush – Dellybean North

Fur: Abyssinian – Cinnamon

Eyes: Grape Ice (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Plush
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)
Size: 11 cm  (4.3 inch)

Version: 1.08
Owner: Dellybean North
ID: dea4e416-279d-a52c-262d-a60488177d39
MOM: Nova
Fur: Genesis – Smokey
Eyes: Genesis Meadow (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Genesis
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)

DAD: Karat
Fur: Snowshoe – Lilac
Eyes: 18-carat Gold (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Plush
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)

Minutes for Guilding Meeting of June 4th, 2011

By Portia Pexington

KittyCats Breeders Guild Meeting
Saturday June 4th

Attended: Starheart Erdhein, Portia Pexington, Lei Hanford, Reign Firelyte, Anjanette McAndrews, Clark Bowenford

Quick notes:
Starry passed out landmarks for the fair location

The original 7500 prims allowed for the fair has been reduced to 7000 (still more than enough!)

Portia offered to help with event build

Reign Firelyte is putting a KittyCats album together and asks breeders to send her their favourite full-perm photos.

Fair Details:

We discussed the merits of pushing the fair date to July and decided that the sooner we can hold this event the better. Starry mentioned doing something on a larger scale in a few months.

We decided that it would be workable to scale down the fair for June:

 – the kitty showcase will still be the primary attraction of the fair, featuring up to 50 cats with a minimum of four traits each. Breeder applicants will tentatively show one or two of their best cats.

 – breeder booths will be set around the fair with a tentative cap of four cats per applicant. 23 applications will be accepted to highlight the wide appeal and diversity of KittyCats. Each booth will be allowed 200 prims. Portia Pexington has offered to help with design and decorating concepts. Breeders will be permitted to show signs for their individual shops and are encouraged to let their cats wander within a small area.

 – Starry mentioned the possibility of a KittyCats dance with Draco Nacht as DJ. Starry and Portia will share dance huds with attendees. This idea will be discussed further in future meetings.

 – Reign is putting together a KittyCats album to give out at the fair. Guild members are asked to submit some of their favourite full-perm photos as soon as possible.

 – The last feature of the fair will be an education centre with instructional notecards for guests and new breeders. We will host short lectures on breeding basics, at least one a day.
Volunteers: Starry, Portia, and as many other volunteers as we can find.

 Next Meeting:

Tuesday June 7, 5:00 – 6:00 SLT

We will discuss the progress of our various projects as well as details for the breeder application forms, KittyCats dance, and educational seminars.

Guild members looking to offer their time and expertise should attend this short meeting if possible or contact Starheart Erdhein.

Makeshift Minutes from the May 28th 2011 Meeting

I apologize for the tardiness of this blog post. This has been an incredibly hectic work week for me, and as soon as one deadline passed, another reared its head. This is more bare bones than I like to do, but I want to get it out there.  Feel free to leave comments if you need more information!


KittyCats Guild Meeting
5/28/11 12pm SLT

ACTION: (1)We need to set up a notecard application for the 23 spots available for showcase. Each will be allotted approx 200 prims. 3000 prims for build and decor.  (2) Obtain voting scripts etc and prepare logistics for contests. (3) Prepare schedule in the coming weeks to note who can be online at the fair at what times and who needs what amount of time for presentations/events.

ENTERTAINMENT: (1) Reign Firelyte offers to compile an album for passing out at the fair. (2) Adrienne possibly can supplement Draco’s  DJing. (3) Fay has a band that can possibly put on a stage show. Minna volunteered the possibility. (4) Starry’s Spirit Dancers dance corps may be able to put on a little show as well with Dur, Maka, and Reign.

INTERACTIVE:  (1) Best in Show — allow people to vote, which is both interactive and shows breeders what the public at large values most appearance-wise.  (2)Adrienne suggested a “What do kittycats mean to you?” contest, the winner to receive a prize at the fair.


Further notes:

Vila has completed the logo. Anjanette is making the signs.

Try to display all traits/furs. A showcase of every possible trait. Try to exhibit the collectibles as well.

See if Callie might be willing to make some kind of small announcement about the future of KC. When Tem talks to Callie, perhaps she can bring this up.

The point is to educate, but we want to make it a wonderful experience for everyone and show them the reasons it’s worth learning about.

Portia offers to host a mid-week meeting at her place. Try to establish the best time for a mid-week meeting so that those who are not available weekends can be present and be heard.

***Tem suggests a “stages of breeding” exhibit to showcase the many steps on the long road toward SuperCats. This should help assuage some of the frustrations new breeders feel.*** <—This great suggestion came the afternoon following the meeting, as Tem was unable to attend but wanted to discuss what she’d missed afterward.


And last:

Please enable voice before coming to meetings. If you cannot hear voice (you don’t need to speak on voice, but many members will be communicating on it and you’ll miss out if you can’t hear them), then please let us know when you arrive that you’ll need someone to type what others are saying.  We understand not everyone has the hardware or physical ability to hear, and we want you to be included as well; we just need to know. On the same note, please keep your personal conversations private. If you’re on voice for the meeting, please take it to IMs if you need to discuss off-topic matters. For those of us who are trying to attend to the business of the guild in our brief free time, it’s frustrating to put things on hold because you are not ready to proceed with the topics at hand. No one will mind if you discuss clothes, makeup, RL pastimes, or your meer**s in IM while the rest of us move forward with the meeting, but it’s discourteous to do so over voice while we’re all forced to listen.

Thanks! Please feel free to leave comments, and we’ll see you at the next meeting!

Makeshift Minutes from the May 21, 2011 Meeting

Thank you for checking out our guild blog! For posting access–available to all members in good standing–please contact Draco Nacht in world with your SL-friendly email address. Minutes from the last meeting follow.

  1. First, a brief recap of our gracious sponsors, volunteers, and contributors.  It will take a lot of effort and resources to get the Fair off the ground, and the following individuals have offered their help:
    • Rebekah Blitzstein offered use of Kittyland sim. Backup locations are on offer from Anjanette and Mariah.
    • Frasky Fizzle offered use of plants & flowers for landscaping.
    • Lixy Byron offered landscaping & furniture.
    • Veridian Frog is making a group pose for use by guild members for a group photo session to document our participants.
    • Vila offered a few door prizes such as kitty furniture, t-shirts, etc.
  2. Second, we have chosen guild officers.
    • Starry, of course, is our Founder and continues to serve in that capacity, steering the guild with her ideas and enthusiasm.
    • Anjanette has been selected as Coordinator and will oversee some of the public relations.
    • Theo is Secretary, serving as an information hub and organizer.
    • Vila is selected to serve as Consultant, providing marketing and logo design help.
    • Thea will assist Vila, unless Vila was totally joking about that, but either way, “Hi, Thea! We have almost the same name.”
  3. The follow promotional ideas have been presented for consideration and action:
    • Guild plaques for posting in each guild member’s shop to show membership. When touched, this will send a group invite. (Thanks, Angie, for this idea!)
    • Add FAQs & Charts to the blog for easy reference. If people use the blog as an information source, the link will be passed around and more people will hear about us.
    • When Vila’s logo design is completed, we will prepare Fair signs and post them not only in our KittyCatS shops but in non-KittyCatS areas to spread the word.
    • Tem has offered to speak to Callie about the Fair in hopes that whether or not KittyCatS brand wants to be involved in it, Callie might wish to attend and participate personally.
  4. The following thematic ideas have been presented for consideration in Fair design:
    • Modern Feline — a theme in direct opposition to the mystical Me***os to highlight the versatility and appeal of KittyCatS to a broader range of consumers.
    • KittyCatS Are for Cuddling — a theme which plays on the close personal bonds many form with their KittyCatS and may appeal strongly to the pet-buying demographic we need to court for the market to strengthen.
    • Got KittyCatS? — a simple, whimsical theme which lends itself easily to fun and humor.
  5. The build will have a 5,000 prim allowance. We will crunch numbers this week and determine how many prims the build itself will be allotted, then determine from there how many cats can be displayed and how many participants will be able to show their cats. Once this is known, we can begin taking applications for participation.
    • Because this is a ‘Dream Cat’ showcase, participants will be required to show only their very desirable breeding stock as opposed to sales stock.
    • We will need to make it clear that under no circumstances will we permit the sale of cats at the fair, otherwise people may try to exploit the traffic. This is all the more reason to limit the number of participants and cats per participant.
    • The look of the build will reflect the showcase feeling: clean and sophisticated. We want a low-prim, sleek appearance that does not overshadow the beauty of the KittyCatS on display.
    • We will need a central area for the KittyCatwalk fashion show, which will highlight the way KittyCatS are viable wearable accessories as well as beloved virtual pets, with an emphasis on teacups and toys.
    • Adjacent to the catwalk, we will need an area suitable for an afterparty, which will include dancing and DJing (provided by Draco, and possibly more DJs if there are volunteers!)
    • Photo-op locations featuring pose backdrops for people to cuddle their kittens as well as posed kittens with a Career Day theme, showing KittyCatS in various lifestyles. (CEO KittyCat at a desk, Princess KittyCat with a tiara, etc)

Further Information:

If you’re able, please mock up your ideas for presentation and discussion at our next meeting.

If possible, please enable voice for meetings. If you have a hearing impairment or technological issues preventing this, please let us know so that we can be sure to provide text-based summaries in local chat. We want to include everyone.

After speaking with Mariah about pricing practices, it’s become even more obvious that the art of private negotiation is what will keep the market strong and provide a united front. If you would like a notecard giver Prices Negotiable sign, please contact Theodore or Draco Nacht. Because some people are hesitant to contact a seller to negotiate, we need to focus our energies on promoting service and public relations so that we can raise comfort levels. Many people have never negotiated before in their lives, so providing them some basic guidance can go a long way toward alleviating their anxiety about doing it. Please also use  common sense when negotiating–if you aren’t certain someone is trustworthy and think they may flip your cat if you go too low, simply let them know you can’t go that low. Feel free to use guild chat to ask whether a buyer has given anyone else trouble in the past.

Consider payment plans. Another idea from Mariah: if your high priced cats aren’t moving at a higher price, consider putting the idea of “layaway” on the table. Let people know you’ll sell it to them for a discount if given cash-in-hand, but will sell for the marked price if they will give you a down-payment and pay the balance within a mutually agreed time frame. Mark the cat as “Reserved” and make it not for sale. If the person does not pay you by the end of the time period agreed upon, keep the down payment and return the cat to saleable status.

We need to focus on education. Official statement: “KittyCatS Breeders Guild is a group of committed, consicentious breeders promoting the KittyCatS lifestyle through education and support for all KittyCatS lovers.” Per Kendrah’s suggestion: post a chart to help people budget their kittycats food and milk expenditures. Theo commits to this project. Also add in per-prim cost at major markets. Educate people about the need for keeping notecards.

FAIR DATES: End of June-tentative 24-26; setup Thursday breakdown Monday.

Makeshift Minutes from the Inaugural Guild Gathering

Breeders’ Guild Minutes 5/14/11 11:15amSLT

Starry opens with a welcome and announces our topics: the guild itself and the upcoming fair idea.

Guild statement of purpose: a hub for sharing information between conscientious and committed breeders. Not for tattling, but for alerting others to things like the lowering of the market threshold and new info from the KittyCatS CSRs (customer service representative).

Fair statement of purpose: not a market, but a showcase. Special high-end raffles, door prizes, and private breeding stock put on display for viewing purposes but not for sale. LMs to each participant’s shop made available, but no boxes, and no cats set to sell.

Fair details: held over more than one day, making a point of allowing Europeans to be involved. Q&A mentoring session with new people able to inquire of experienced breeders.

New idea raised and accepted: Guild blog. Theodore Nacht to moderate, posting access set up for collaboration with all guild members in good standing. Starry forwards idea of new, improved logo.

Fair ideas: DJed dance, themed decorations. Giveaways: exclusive t-shirts, PJs, tattoos. ‘Magic’ theme. Decorate the posed cats with little wings etc. Set up a photo op with Starry’s backdrop machine and photographer.

Meeting concludes on high note 11:45am SLT.

(Notes taken by Theodore Nacht)